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Mobile native web3 experience - dapp operating system in your pocket.
Daniel Bar and Mark Pereira
24   695 ▲
Backtest your trading ideas and market making strategies with our API for real-time cryptocurrency price data and user-friendly dashboard for getting historical price data
Kirill Museychuk, Vlad Balabash, Kho Fu Chan, Alexey Shulev, and Vitali Grabovski
19   638 ▲
Tokenary P2P Exchange
Instantly trade your favorite NFTs and ERC20s with friends nearby.
Igor Shmakov, Vadim Koleoshkin, and Ivan Grachev
10   388 ▲
CashflowRelay addresses a real-life use case of cashflow financing aimed at driving greater liquidity into DeFi by introducing a flexible financial primitive that captures value in single token format
Ilgiz Gimaltdinov, Dmitry Hursevich, Mikhail Krasheninnikov, Dmitriy Serdtsev, Eugene Zhuravliov, and Alexander Mazaletskiy
6   204 ▲
Introducing c0x: Chrome-0x-extension! Hassle free,Instant & One click solution to buy ERC20 token on your chrome browser.
Santosh A
12   101 ▲
MouserBoard - the board for cryptogamers
MouserBoard helps gamers to discover, discuss, and trade collectibles, disrupting the $80 billion secondary market of in-game assets, without owning a single game dApp.
Daniele Sacco
13   88 ▲
0xsplit. Split bills between friends. Pay it back using your favorite token!
Robin Thomas
0   62 ▲
DAPPBOI – The human backed Ethereum token.
BOI is a token, where each token is backed by 1.0 hour of my time as a freelancer. It allows people to speculate, trade and invest in a tokenized form of my freelance hours.
Matthew Vernon
0   45 ▲
Disclose, the most private way to trade STO and other compliant products on the blockchain
Louis-Nathanael Guthmann and Stanislas de ROQUEMAUREL-GALIZIN
0   42 ▲
Giving users the ability to borrow capital by leveraging their tokenized assets(ERC721).
Trung Dinh
0   36 ▲
Chain of Crusade
Free-to-play collectable card game using Ethereum blockchain & trading mechanic based on 0x protocol for internal card exchange with ultimate cryptocurrency profit generation feature.
Artem Frantsiian, Oleksandr Soloviov, and Kirill Monyushko
1   28 ▲
Nifty Ninja - World's First Conversational Trading Interface
NiftyNinja is a bot that originates NFT trades from chat (!trade sword x for shield y), connected with the most vibrant gaming/dApp communities (Discord). 10x better trading experience for gamers.
Andy Zhu, Michael Friedrich, Dillon Kellar, and Javiera Craig
0   24 ▲
Cold Crypto
Trustless custody solution (cold crypto storage) on any mobile device with the ability to interact with DEXs, DApps and payments.
Dmitry Radkovskiy, Igor Kolokoltsev, and Ivan Kocheshev
1   21 ▲
A 0x relayer for volatility markets on Augur. Users can purchase share tokens in a contract market to speculate on/hedge against the price of the underlying asset at the contract’s expiration.
Michael Huang, Crypto Master, and anna rivera
2   19 ▲
It's an AR platform where you can tokenize, buy and sell souls. Later on, we'll also add the ability to play interact with (and/or torture 😈) souls.
Adam Finch and Joseph Schiarizzi
1   18 ▲
RoboDEX a 0x Relay with a custom token and a proxy contract, with additional components for hi-leverage trading with derivative contracts.
Ivan Kocheshev
1   17 ▲
0x relayer hub
Buy ERC tokens at best price through all 0x relayers in one place
Fei Yang
2   13 ▲
The netscape for the blockchain - but mobile.
Juan Tobar
0   13 ▲
DEFTY is an open source platform to exchange debt contracts.
Jean-Malo Le Dreff, Saurav Tomar, Jean Veradil, Emmanuel Vilsbol, and Ipha Ra
0   13 ▲
Turn your Crypotkitties in to Digital Pets!
Rachel Black
0   13 ▲
DADA is NFT based art marketplace built on top of 0x where anyone can upload, bid for and own art.
Rishav Agarwal, Aseem Baranwal, Javed B., and Arpit Agarwal
0   12 ▲
A decentralized ERC20 Options Trading platform to hedge against your crypto investments by leveraging profits and managing risks.
Siddharth Bhalla, Nikhil Yadav, and Parina Anand
0   12 ▲
With PiGive you can both give and get, donate to charity and receive a limited edition ERC721 collectible.
Kim Persson, Yitong Liu, and Cas Buijsman
0   10 ▲
GUDecks Collectables Marketplace
A 0x NFT marketplace to sell Gods Unchained Collectables. It includes historical pricing data for buyers to make informed purchases.
David Bauschlicher and Steven Bauschlicher
0   10 ▲
Mars Nation Land Selector
We built a polygon land selector for our project marsnation.io to enable visual batch selection of NFTs on a map.
Leo Spiegel
0   10 ▲
Guide to 0x Instant in Chinese
First Chinese Version Guide to 0x Instant
Hsuan-Jen Pan
0   9 ▲
Global Financial Portfolio
Enabling users to manage all decentralized investment in one place via integrating exchange and wallet API's.
Yogesh Trivedi
0   8 ▲
A fully online course for learning how to develop in python for people looking to develop distributed applications
Gian Colombi
0   8 ▲
Tokenize Studen Loans
Student loans are $1.5T (trillion) and growing. Tokenizing loans can help bring transparency and help repay.
Yuriy Dybskiy and Sergiy Dybskiy
0   8 ▲
LootHunt is a reward tool for airdrop marketing.
David Tseng, Han Jian, Xavier Lupin, Justine Lu, and Lei Lu
0   8 ▲
Dapp Pocket
Dapp Pocket is a Blockchain wallet app for Dapp users. With it you can manage your crypto assets and use any Dapp. Also you can compare token prices from many exchanges and convert tokens instantly.
Anderson Chen and hung Chang
0   8 ▲
I have created Sellit, the platform that allow everyone to create their own store without having any inventory of products.
Edson Alcala
0   8 ▲
Non-fungible token for Patents.
Mike G
0   7 ▲
I am making small tax calculator for 0x and other DeFi dApps.
Hiroyuki Nakamura
0   7 ▲
A marketplace for buying and selling stickers
Sri Sanketh Uppalapati
0   7 ▲
Token Exchange
ERC20 relayer has geological advantages.We are in the Japanese market where many people have cryptocurrencies.But, we don’t have a tool to exchange these tokens seamlessly.So, we solve this problem.
Daiki Sekiguchi and Sota Watanabe
0   7 ▲
Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
This is an (almost) #NoCode focus tool. Basically, you have to stay on one page without touching your mouse and if you succeed, you receive an NFT.
Justin Zheng and Suraya Shivji
1   7 ▲
Easiest interface to operate the exchanges
Anton Lopan
0   6 ▲
Users can follow and mirror the trades of high performing market experts and match their portfolio trades and asset allocations.
Lloyd Rebello
0   6 ▲
A marketplace for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) for the interdimensional world of Valoria.
Fodé Diop and James Rezendes
1   6 ▲
Watermelon Relay
Just a relayer that will make me money instead of other people, utilising 0x.
Andrew Gallasch
0   6 ▲
Derek Alia
Tribes is a platform that allows users to get paid for posting content to communities.
Derek Alia
1   6 ▲
Token Squirrel
An NFT based loyalty scheme with trading between users.
John Grant
0   6 ▲
Proposal for an interconnected crypto wallet running on 0x (Genesis wallet)
Currently, there exists a vast variety of different wallets, this can force investors to maintain an unnecessarily high number of different wallets.
St. M.
1   6 ▲
Microverse is a computer simulation of Harberger's triangle, an economic theory pertaining to deadweight loss for buyers and sellers in a tax-based economy.
reid sherman and Lakshman Sankar
0   6 ▲
A peer-to-peer mashup of Patreon and Google Ads that creators can deploy easily to earn micropayments from sponsors that want to support them.
Lauren Garcia
1   6 ▲
BULVRD Drive - NFT Scavenger Hunt
BULVRD is the global community mapping and route reporting ecosystem that allows you to earn tokens while you drive.
David Hodge
0   6 ▲
Contract Collateral Manager
A system that puts users in control of their collateral when interacting with any smart contract. No more lost capital waiting for contracts to settle while your money is stuck in a sub optimal asset.
Nick Ward
0   6 ▲
AvarMarket is Avatar Marketplace, which can sell or buy at a NFT marketplace.
Will Park and Jindu Kim
0   6 ▲
I will look to pivot and make some more progress first (the app is very buggy), but I want to explore to apply NFT's with donating rewards, for example to enable access to events by a non-profit.
Alexander Klus and Anson Lau
1   6 ▲
Arick Davis
Token Foods is a farmers market where users exchange tokenized fruits. Each item has a fixed value in the beginning. Users offer NFTs of equal or lesser value of the item & can directly exchange goods
Arick Davis, Duarte Teles, and Sarah Laman
0   6 ▲
Teen Patti (Card Game)
Nepal Bitcoin
0   6 ▲
F Prime
We liked the idea of creating synthetic stock futures with Augur. However, we have created an interface to trade ERC20 tokens as a start.
Nick Geoca and Rez Khan
0   6 ▲
Monetise your notes and share it
Sahith U
0   3 ▲
Find trusted people whom you can love your pet as much as you do in your absence
Vemuri Saurabh
0   2 ▲
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