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Tribes is a platform that allows users to get paid for posting content to communities.
Working but buggy
Derek Alia

Tribes is a platform where people come together to form online communities around various topics they’re passionate about. Each tribe on our platform is a Gnosis Safe DAO with additional smart contracts for extra functionality, including marketplaces (0x-launch-kit) and governance. We’ve made it easy for users to visit Tribes and begin using Web3 without having prior experience interacting with the blockchain–no Metamask or other extensions are required. Wyre allows us to onboard new users by using their light-buy KYC process, now people who have never purchased crypto before can start paying with it. We allow creators to start a tribe that is structured around the needs of their community. Each tribe can have paid monthly subscription tiers for community members who want greater access. Tribe members can get paid by receiving votes on the content they post to the tribe. Subscriptions to the tribe come in the form of ERC721 tokens that are created when a user subscribes to a tribe. Every month subscription funds are sent to the moderators of the tribe and members who posted content and received votes. Tribes incentivizes an ecosystem of reputation and quality driven content creation. The marketplace allows moderators to create NFT flair for their community to increase engagement and allow supports to build status.

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Derek Alia
· posted over 1 year ago

Here is a fixed video link -> https://youtu.be/zwWIMMfAhZ8

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