Registration open until December 5th, 2019. Submissions close December 10th, 2019

Erasure + CoinList Hackathon

$25k in prizes
Nov 5 – Dec 17


Erasure is a smart contract protocol that brings simple web3 primitives to any website on the internet. The initial primitives available on Erasure are Recourse, Track-Record, and Payments. These can be used for building applications which were never before possible like the Numerai Tournament, Erasure Quant and ErasureBay.

About the hackathon

Last spring, we announced a $1M grant program to help fund projects building on Erasure. We received proposals to build great apps. However, great apps rely on great tools. This is why the focus of this hackathon is building great tools to help developers build great applications. The best tools will win prizes and be considered for further funding through the grant program.


Hackathon submissions will be judged according to the following three categories:

1. Speedup in App Development: Much of the friction in building on top of smart contracts is the need for a web developer to learn about the intricacies of a new technology. Good packages such as an JS library or SDK can greatly accelerate app development by abstracting away the complexity.

2. Seamless Integrations: In the blockchain world, interoperability is king. Adoption often depends on playing well with existing tooling and ways developers do things.

3. New Frontiers: Erasure Protocol is about providing the primitives required for building new kinds of applications on the internet. This means we are always looking for bright ideas that push the frontier of the possible.


Your hackathon submissions will be shown to a world class group of judges. These judges will select winners for $25k in prizes. The best teams will also have the opportunity to continue their work by getting additional funding through our grants program or by joining our team.

  • First Place: $10k
  • Second Place: $5k
  • 10 Notable Mentions: $1k



  • Andy Bromberg, Co-Founder & President at CoinList
  • Joel Monegro, Partner at Placeholder VC
  • Fred Ehrsam, Co-Founder at Paradigm
  • Jill Carlson, Co-Founder at Open Money Initiative
  • Stephane Gosselin, Protocol Architect at Numerai
  • Anson Chu, VP of Engineering at Numerai
  • Peter Hudson, VP of Erasure at Numerai
  • Julian Koh, Software Engineer at Coinbase

Project ideas

Erasure Client

  • CLI/Web/Desktop/Mobile
  • Keyvault for client side encryption and transaction signing (Parity secret store, Geth Clef)
  • Automated transaction signing based on smart contract events
  • Integration with identity systems (3box, keybase)
  • Integration with 3rd party wallets
  • Peer to peer filesharing
  • Fiat to ETH/Token onramp
  • User smart contract wallets (gas abstraction, key recovery, transaction chaining)

Erasure Packages

  • Package that wraps web3 with contract ABIs and cryptography libraries
  • Package for development tooling which deploys contracts to a local vm and connects to contracts on testnet and mainnet (using builder)
  • Tooling to help a dapp manage different Erasure factory versions

Erasure API

  • Trustless API for submitting transactions and data to the protocol withouth dealing with web3 provider
  • Trusted API for custodied service to perform key management, signing and encryption on behalf of users

Smart Contract Templates

  • Enigma (scheduled reveals)
  • NuCypher (atomic re-encryption)


  • Activity dashboard
  • Push notifications
  • TwitterBot

Browser Extension

  • Wrap web3 provider to inject information about user to the website (public encryption keys, amount at stake)

Developer Resources

  • Protocol documentation with code samples

Documentation & resources