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Genobank DNA Wallet
A Decentralised and anonymous DNA wallet. Enables users to extract DNA, establish ownership, share (P2P) & control using Nucypher and Blockchain.
Daniel Uribe, Ayush Shukla, and sagar jethi
29   315 ▲
Decentralized secure crowdfunding media platform
Ivan Noskov
13   264 ▲
NuWallet creates a Venmo moment by replacing a public key with a mobile number in order to send/receive crypto. Our scheme is generalised to allow _any_ cryptocurrency to be used with _any_ identifier
Ilgiz Gimaltdinov, Alexander Mazaletskiy, Dmitriy Serdtsev, Ivan Lavrentev, and Alexander Kozlovski
6   218 ▲
Share your thoughts as you want with no censorship from social networks!
Mikhail Lazarev
33   166 ▲
NuCypher Google Chrome extension
I introduce the NuCypher Google Chrome extension - which helps sharing your datafiles in a safe way using NuCypher technology.
Ivan Fedorov
12   165 ▲
Stridon brings together journalists who want to publish articles and readers who want to read them. Think decentralized Medium.
Kelvin Lockwood, Sagar Kishore, and Joseph O'Sullivan
7   31 ▲
CP0: Cipher Pol Aigis Zero
Connecting native nuCypher to the web via web extension.
Santosh A
1   25 ▲
A developer friendly python library to easily store, encrypt, share and decrypt data on IPFS with NuCypher's proxy re encryption.
David Holtz
2   22 ▲
Decentralized Encrypted Dropbox
Robin Thomas
6   21 ▲
CP0: Cipher Pol InCrypt
Web extension to secure your text or post before posting into a public platform. And grant access to your only trusted entities to decrypt the text/post.
Santosh A
0   21 ▲
Hyperledger Interoperability
Leveraged Nucypher's encrytion to securely share information over IPFS . Application also achieve interoperability between public and permissioned blockchain by recording transactions on Hyperledger.
Manish Vishnoi, Arsh Padda, Kiran Suresh, Raj Sadaye, and Dragan Boscovic
0   19 ▲
Distributed and storage efficient dropbox for web 3.0
David Holtz
6   19 ▲
Leveraged Nucypher's encrytion to securely share information over IPFS . Two tools are implemented, Merkle proof for data verification and IPFS integration for distributed sharing.
Manish Vishnoi, Arsh Padda, and Kiran Suresh
0   19 ▲
A WYSIWYG for NuCypher and IPFS. Think wordpress.
Pranav Singhal and Arvind Kalra
0   19 ▲
nuBox (chrome extension)
Use Nucypher at its best, without any of its complexities
Robin Thomas
0   16 ▲
NubutuCypher Wallet
Interconnected crypto wallet running on proxy re-encryption network NuCypher. Second stage = token privacy protection by Ring Signatures.
St. M.
1   15 ▲
Decentralized Finance Management
financial portfolio application that can be integrated with multiple CEX/DEX exchanges and funds will be synced. This will be diversified global portfolio for individual or a business.
Yogesh Trivedi
1   13 ▲
Decentralised password manager for teams & families
Andrew Gallasch
0   13 ▲
run nucypher in browser with webassembly
dmytro Selin
1   12 ▲
Decentralized Voting
A decentralized voting platform for flawless voting and transaction.
Jitendra Rajput
0   12 ▲
Home Health System
Сyber safe human health monitoring system. A patient choice a doctor though smart-contract (SM) for researching the data. The doctor makes a report for the patient and gets payment from the SM.
Paul Spread
0   12 ▲
Seamless integration, configuration, management, access and authentication of NuCypher to LDAP servers.
St. M.
0   12 ▲
Cypherdocs is a peer to peer decentralized document collaboration tool similar to Google Docs that uses Nucypher for securing a Web RTC connection.
Ryan Lee and Daniel Ziabko
0   11 ▲
Saber Nomen
Basically, this is (currently) a website meant to input a picture of skin and figure out whether there is a skin lesion (e.g. melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, etc.).
Shreya Chaudhary
0   11 ▲
Simple Deadman's Switch (SDMS)
Whistleblower? Blackmailer? Need a censorship resistant, inexpensive, easy to implement multi-Bob DMS? You've come to the right place.
b borges
0   11 ▲
Implementing a Harberger Tax on the ownership of a data feed.
John Grant
2   11 ▲

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