Hackathon mark
Tezos + CoinList
$25,000 in prizes
Starts: Monday, May 25th
Final submissions: Thursday, June 25th

What is Tezos?

Tezos is a decentralized, public blockchain with a focus on upgradeability, smart contract security, and governance. Stakeholders vote on protocol amendments through an on-chain governance system to ensure that the network maintains state-of-the-art technology. The protocol’s emphasis on open participation has led to an especially vibrant validator, stakeholder, and builder community. Learn more about Tezos at https://tezos.com

Why Hack on Tezos?

Inherent Network Upgradeability: Tezos mitigates hard forks through an in-protocol self-amendment process that automatically upgrades all nodes to the latest agreed-upon version. This lowers the coordination costs of executing upgrades in order to better retain its network effect.

Institutional-Grade Smart Contracts: Michelson, Tezos’ low-level smart contract language, supports formal verification which uses math to prove that code will perform correctly. This is essential to building mission-critical applications where the cost of error is extremely high.

Continuity Focused Governance: The network is designed to have an ever-evolving and adaptable governance structure to maximize the network’s longevity through its decentralized on-chain governance mechanism.

Prize Details

There will be $25,000 USD in prizes which will be distributed in the following pools:

Decentralized Finance

First place - $5,000

Second place - $3,000

Games & Collectibles

First place - $4,000

Second place - $2,000

Oracles on Tezos

First place - $4,000

Second place - $2,000

Community Vote (Other)

First place - $3,000

Second place - $2,000



  • Alison Mangiero - Cofounder, TQ Tezos - @amangiero
  • Spencer Noon - Head of Investments, DTC Capital - @spencernoon
  • Kathleen Breitman - Cofounder, Tezos and Coase - @breitwoman
  • Sam McIngvale - Head of Product, Coinbase Custody - @sammcingvale

Hackathon Partners

Baking Bad






Stove Labs




TQ Tezos

These partners have built core Tezos developer infrastructure and tools such as Tezos smart contract languages, blockchain explorers, asset standards, etc. They will be providing ongoing developer support and will be hosting workshops to teach participants how to use their tools. Participants will receive invites to the workshops once they have registered for the hackathon.

Workshop Schedule

  • Wed 5/13 - Baking Bad
  • Fri 5/15 - Truffle
  • Mon 5/18 - SmartPy
  • Wed 5/20 - Taquito
  • Fri 5/22 - TQ Tezos
  • Tue 5/26 - Stove Labs
  • Wed 5/27 - LIGO
  • Fri 5/29 - Cryptonomic
  • Tue 6/2 - Beacon
  • Thu 6/4 - Fortmatic

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