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Melon protocol
Evaluating historical data for funds, assets and investors on the Melon network.
Sebastian Siemssen and Ivan Herger
0   22 ▲
Tickets Graph
Decentralized tickets sale system
Mikhail Lazarev
1   16 ▲
Block Predict
Script to process crypto course data and generate dataset. Utilize this script to learn neural network to generate value based prediction for appropriate results.
Jitendra Rajput
0   11 ▲
Powered Marketplace
Platform for building different types of online p2p marketplaces.
Yogesh Trivedi
0   11 ▲
This is atomic (with timeout). If the process is halted, it can be reversed no matter when it is stopped.
Pradeep Chaturvedi
0   9 ▲
Binance Coin (BNB) – the native currency of Binance. This subgraph gives you fast insight into the transfers, burns and creation of the famous ERC20 token.
David Holtz
0   8 ▲
Market Protocol Subgraph
This project implements a subgraph for Market Protocol. This allows making a single request that can query complex data that would have otherwise required multiple slow requests to the blockchain.
Perfect Makanju
0   6 ▲
Decentralised app for continuous payments on Ethereum. Earn your salary by the minute.
Paul Berg
1   4 ▲
Gitcoin Subgraph
Scalable bounty index to support and grow OpenSource. It can improve current Gitcoin features while enabling the creation of derivative products such as decentralized hiring/talent registry mechanisms
Santiago Gonzalez Toral and Oscar Malgiaritta
0   4 ▲
0x Subgraph
A subgraph for 0x. Example consuming app: 0x Subgraph:
Jacob Evans
0   4 ▲
Subgraph for the dYdX V2 Solo Margin Trading Protocol
Jack Leslie
0   3 ▲
Contract-Based Account Tracker
Modern wallets like the Gnosis Safe use contract-based accounts to manage funds. This tool provides a way to track the creation of contract-based accounts.
Paul Cowgill and Marcelo Morgado
0   3 ▲
GraphQL API to one of the largest decentralized exchanges. Using The Graphs query proto
David Holtz
0   3 ▲
Coming soon
Sergey Anon
0   3 ▲
Peepeth Subgraph
Subgraph for Peepeth, the twitter-like social network on the blockchain.
Siegfried Puchbauer
1   3 ▲
Bountiesnetwork Subgraph
Subgraph for Ethereum Mainnet Bounties Network
kevin zhang
0   2 ▲
Kleros Token List Subgraph
As a voluntary contributor to the Kleros project - I wanted to understand Kleros' traction in terms of active users. Could The Graph help me get an overview of active users?
Bjorn Sintobin
0   2 ▲ is a data aggregation platform for Etherem Gambling sites. (Like (
Archil Phanchulidze
0   2 ▲
Dai Coin
Dai a reliable source of stability in the face of volatility
David Holtz
0   2 ▲
A token introspection product for viewing and participating in the SmartPiggies global market.
Toby Algya, Michael Arief, and Alex Lee
0   2 ▲
Coming soon
Sergey Anon
0   2 ▲
Bloom Subgraph
Subgraph to explore Bloom, a protocol to take control of your credit and identity
Pierrick Turelier
0   2 ▲

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