CoinList Lend
Put your assets to work · Increase liquidity · Earn interest
Available Notional
Interest rate
Algo Algo (algo) 25,000 algo 10.04% Lend Borrow
Bch Bitcoin Cash (bch) 6,850 bch 8.21% Lend Borrow
Btc Bitcoin (btc) 180 btc 3.65% Lend Borrow
Eth Ethereum (eth) 37,850 eth 3.65% Lend Borrow
Ltc Litecoin (ltc) 10,000 ltc 7.3% Lend Borrow
Mkr Maker (mkr) 8,000 mkr 5.48% Lend Borrow
Wbtc Wrapped Bitcoin (wbtc) 90 wbtc 6.39% Lend Borrow
Xrp XRP (xrp) 145,000 xrp 4.56% Lend Borrow
Xtz Tezos (xtz) 112,000 xtz 14.6% Lend Borrow
Zrx 0x (zrx) 4,100,000 zrx 5.0% Lend Borrow
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