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A new internet for decentralized apps where users own their data.

November 2017

Blockstack Token Sale:
Funding complete

The Blockstack token system is designed to distribute tokens to users, developers and everyone who wants to be a part of the ecosystem.

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About Blockstack

Blockstack is a new internet for decentralized apps

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With Blockstack, there's a new world of decentralized apps that let you own your data. Blockstack enables better privacy and security and empowers users.

12000+ developers in our thriving community are building decentralized apps that utilize user-controlled APIs for identity, storage and tokens.


domains registered


years in production


community devs

Market Cap as of Nov 2017

Final Price

(Was $0.10 prior to sale)

Sale Size


(at current price)
Market Cap at Year 2


(at default price)
This graph compares what it would cost in order to buy 1 one-hundredth of a percent of all tokens minted in the first 10 years.
The Zcash price of $250 is a snapshot of the price as of Nov 9th, 2017. The "Filecoin (first hour)" price of $2.25 factors in a 15% discount off of $2.65 (the price during the first hour of the sale) as a result of the 2-year unlocking option. The "Filecoin (advisor sale)" price of $0.64 factors in a 15% discount off of $0.75 as a result of the 2-year unlocking option. The Tezos price of $0.39 is the effective price paid on the first day of the main sale, taking into account the 20% bonus and an average Bitcoin price of $2350 on July 1st.
The data here are based on prices for the tokens at particular points in time and may not reflect their current pricing, which may be higher or lower than what is shown here. There is no guarantee that the relative pricing shown will be in existence at any particular time, or that the Blockstack Tokens will be purchased at a price that is more advantageous for a particular buyer at any particular point in time.
No graph, chart, or formula can in and of itself determine which securities or other investments to buy or sell or when to buy or sell them. Potential investors should not rely on this or any other graph when making such determinations.

2017 Timeline

With the Blockstack token sale, both accredited investors and non-accredited individuals can participate.

Accredited investors will purchase SAFTs or fund interests in Delaware funds and can get up to 80% of their money back if the project doesn’t hit predefined milestones.

Vouchers for purchases by non-accredited investors will potentially be redeemable after the first milestone is met.

Whitepaper Announcement

Thursday 10/12/17: The token whitepaper provides a deep dive into the Blockstack Token.

Sale Announcement

Thursday 10/26/17: The token sale timeline was announced & users signed up for updates.

Registration Period Starts

Wednesday 11/1/17: Participants start verifying their identities & request allocations.

Registration Period Ends

Wednesday 11/15/17: Registration closes and participant allocations are determined.

Main Sale Starts

Thursday 11/16/17: The process will go live for participants to make their payments.

Main Sale Ends

Friday 12/1/17: Participation becomes no longer possible


The Blockstack team has experts in distributed systems, security, and user experience. The team includes 5 PhDs from Princeton, Stanford, and engineers from MIT, Waterloo, amongst others.


Muneeb Ali



Ryan Shea



Jude Nelson

Engineering Partner

Aaron blankstein

Aaron Blankstein

Engineering Partner


Larry Salibra

Engineering Partner

Gina abrams

Gina Abrams

People Ops Partner


Guy Lepage

Design Partner

Patrick stanley

Patrick Stanley

Growth Partner

Jack zampolin

Jack Zampolin

Engineering Partner


Ken Liao

Engineering Partner

Sebastian dunkel

Sebastian Dunkel

Product Support

Shannon voight

Shannon Voight

Blockstack Summit

Xan ditkoff

Xan Ditkoff

Signature Fund

Trevor owens

Trevor Owens

Technical Advisor

Mike freedman

Michael Freedman

Technical Advisor

Jp singh

JP Singh

Technical Advisor

Existing Investors

Blockstack Public Benefit Corp raised $5M USD from investors and developed the core Blockstack technology between 2014 and 2017.

Union square ventures

Union Square Ventures

Lux capital

LUX Capital

Y combinator

Y Combinator

Sv angel

SV Angel

Shana fisher

Shana Fisher

Naval ravikant

Naval Ravikant

Kal vepuri

Kal Vepuri

Mike yavonditte

Mike Yavonditte


Digital Currency Group

Version one ventures

Version One Ventures

Rising tide fund

Rising Tide Fund

Compound vc


Learn More about Blockstack Technology



The Blockstack tokens (also known as Stacks) are a crypto asset that is currently being developed by Blockstack Token LLC (“Blockstack Token LLC”), a Delaware limited liability company.

Blockstack Token LLC may issue securities representing interests in the Blockstack Tokens in the form of interests in the Blockstack Token Fund and Simple Agreements for Future Tokens. These securities may at some point be offered and sold through this website ( No other website sponsored by any affiliate of Blockstack Token LLC (including the site at, which is sponsored by Blockstack, PBC) should be viewed as an offer or sale of securities.

As with any investment, purchasing interests in the Blockstack Token Fund or interests in a simple agreement for future tokens involves risk. You must make your own decision about whether and how much to invest. Blockstack Token LLC and its affiliates cannot make any investment recommendations or otherwise provide any investment advice.

Blockstack Token LLC has prepared offering materials (including a term sheet, purchase agreement and risk factors) for the Blockstack Token Fund and the simple agreements for future tokens. Before you invest, you should read the offering materials related to your investment. You may get these documents on this website.