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A 100% decentralized alternative to Patreon.
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Working but buggy
Seena Zandipour

Backerr is a new crowdfunding tool that helps creators get paid for their content. Turn your fans into subscribers, and charge monthly to unlock your content.

FEATURES: - Zero fees - Censorship-resistant - P2P - End-to-end encryption


Backerr uses Chainlink to determine when to withdraw payouts for the content creator, as well as to convert ETH/DAI to a consistent USD value, so subscribers know they are paying X amount of USD per month.

Chainlink solves a huge problem for us because otherwise, ETH price could skyrocket overnight, and a subscriber who was subscribed at a fixed rate of 0.2 ETH per month (for example), would end up paying a lot more in terms of USD than he was expecting to!

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Serge Malle · posted almost 3 years ago

Wonderful. Good job

hasan hüseyin pehlivan · posted almost 3 years ago

ı like it

Muhammet Pehlivan · posted almost 3 years ago

good job!!

Dmitry Belsky · posted over 4 years ago

I tried to use your service, but it's "connecting..." and nothing happens. How to check it?

Brayton Goodall · posted over 4 years ago

Cool idea I guess

Jaime Curtis · posted over 4 years ago

You could have spend at least 10 minutes with the website template you downloaded from here:

Ole Dehland · posted over 4 years ago

This is an awesome and perfect use case for a dApp. Building this project out could turn into something massive. I should also mention your demo URL on github is missing an "r" in it. Great work though.