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Marketing agencies have the difficult task of proving their ROI, off-chain payment is often done independent of results. This solution ensures agencies are only paid out when specific targets are hit.
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Niels Buekers
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Smart Contracts

Marketing agencies have the difficult task of proving their ROI, making it hard for companies to invest in such campaigns. Companies want to be protected from spending money on a marketing campaign that does not deliver, as well as a marketing agency wants to get paid when certain criteria are met. One of these criteria that both parties could agree on, is the amount of new/unique visitors that landed on the website thanks to the marketing campaign (called clickthrough rate). A smart contract has been created that will payout the marketing agency once an agreed upon amount of unique visitors have visited the website within a timeframe.

A custom Adapter has been created in Golang using linkpool’s bridges framework. Data is being read from BigQuery to calculate the amount of unique visitors for a specific marketing campaign (based on the utm_source parameter from the Google Analytics data for that website). The custom Adapter has been deployed to a personal chainlink node and a job has been created that uses the adapter. The smart contract calls this job on this personal chainlink node to request the amount of visitors for a specific campaign.

Any company can register a campaign with a specific ID and the payout terms for the agency. Partial payments are supported in case the company and agency agree on it.

Full description is available on the GitHub readme. I’d refer there to avoid duplication and keep all documentation and description centralised on GitHub.

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Niels Buekers
· posted 8 months ago