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Carbon Offset Prediction Market

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We've built a prediction market for carbon offsets powered by Chainlink oracles. Users take carbon offset positions based on CO2 emissions being offset by the planting and growth of trees.
General Submission & Positive Impact
Ready for launch
Julien bouteloup and Leopold Joy
Distributed Systems
Front-End Development
Smart Contracts
Web Development

The FCLA Carbon Offsets Prediction Market enables environmentally conscious users to leverage carbon offset data to bet for or against the continued growth of specific forests. Via Chainlink’s network of Oracle Node Operators, forestry data is brought on-chain in an appropriately distributed manner. Forestry data is sourced via a (Chainlink-enabled) integration with EcoTree (see, a French forestry company which tracks and sells plots of forest throughout France. The prediction market architecture is based on Gnosis’ new Mercury v2 smart contracts and conditional market makers. The UI was built using React and Web3 best practices, including no built configuration, Typescript, Drizzle, Redux, Rimble and proper components architecture.

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Mustafa Emre TURAN · posted over 2 years ago

Actually, when i saw your road map, i took the project to my watch list, the project include different side of crypto, they emphasize awereness of climate of the world. Nice project, i wish that these kind of project shoul increase thanks for being first ones.

Svetlana Lavrentsova · posted over 2 years ago

Good idea

hasan hüseyin pehlivan · posted almost 3 years ago

ı like it

Mustafa Gökçe · posted almost 3 years ago

that is gooodd

Muhammet Pehlivan · posted almost 3 years ago

good job!!

Tasha Depp · posted over 4 years ago

This is a great project to point digital currency skeptics (especially in US) to; how many people’s interest in digital currency and related projects stops at what they know about the wastefulness of mining.

Justin Kredibl · posted over 4 years ago

great project, proof of use case !

Julien bouteloup
· posted over 4 years ago

Forgot to add the main image (Dashboard):