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Unified Mainnet access to plasma chains through ChainLink Oracles
General Submission
Working but buggy
El Rypto

plasmaLink is a ChainLink Q4 2019 hackathon submission that demonstates how the ChainLink platfom can be used to connect applications through smart contracts on the MainNet chain to sidechains. Often when developing layer 2 solutions (sidechains, plasmachains, etc.) it can feel like two disconnected applications that you are integrating. ChainLink offers the potential to bridge an application with its scalability solution through having ChainLink oracles in this PlasmaLink model connect to Plasma chains (via smart contracts). Loom, one of the leading Plasma chain solutions is used for this demo.

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El Rypto
· posted over 4 years ago

Just a note, that if you use Brave browser, there is a known current issue where Brave will try and inject on top of the MetaMask provider. If you would like to use Brave, go to your settings/extensions and disable Brave Wallet. Then close your browser and reopen.