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A completely decentralized and ownerless company, capable of regulating and advancing itself, with complete user and worker data privacy and integrity, that serves the worker???
General Submission & Positive Impact
Nowhere near launch
David Ilievski

The puprose of the the project is to proof that all parts of the company can be automated untill the worker, and that it can organize and regulate itself, and advance as time progresses. It consist of 3 main parts. 1. The ethereum smart contract. 2. Chainlink. 3. Iexec distributed computing network. How it works. The ethereum contract manages all the user and worker data, accounts and it also has all the functions that the company needs to work. 2. Chainlink is used to connect the smart contract to the decentralized ai thats on the iexec platform, and to trigger the ai with a timer. 3.The ai is run on the iexec platform, in a TEE , and it performs tasks such as analizying the acquired data for self learning, organizing the drivers, and finding a worker for the client. We have made this into a demo taxi company. To be continued…

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