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Want to out manoeuvre your opponents? Predict their turns before they've been forecasted? Sharpen your rind in a free-to-play testnet environment? Grate no further, Cheeze of Insight is for you!
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Marcos Perona, Josh Dechant, Drew Taylor, Stephen Shelton, and John May
Smart Contracts

As a team built from players of Satoshi’s Treasure, we’re uniquely aware of the role statistics can have on gameplay and player psychology. Enter Cheese of Insight. The Cheeze of Insight (COI) DApp is a web application and browser extension designed to enrich player psychology. Cheese of Insight approaches this problem using a three-pronged attack that includes: an Analytics component, a Battles component, and Prediction Markets. The Analytics component provides a frontend for analyzing Wizards and their battle history during and throughout the tournament. The Battles component allows summoners to play duel simulations free of charge on Rinkeby testnet. Our Prediction Markets component releases futures markets on Augur and includes a 0x Instant widget for purchasing Augur’s REP token. During Phase III of the tournament, we’ll be launching daily markets on Augur that will appear on our website and will allow users to bet on whether the power levels of certain Wizards will increase or decrease during the next Duel window. We’re also open sourcing our market creator so other devs can clone it and release their own markets that will also appear on our website, in a special section for fan markets. It should be noted that no betting will be conducted on our website, and that users will be warned before proceeding to 3rd party links where bets can be placed. As the Blue Mold begins to show its effects, our prediction markets become a place where players that no longer have Wizards in the tournament (“rind-in-the-game”) can follow and remain engaged in who becomes the Big Cheeze.

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Drew Taylor
· posted 10 months ago

Technologies: Augur, Ox Instant, Solidity, Vue.js, React, Node.js

Drew Taylor
· posted 10 months ago

Links to our product documentation: - -

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