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Listen to Erasure graph and tweet when there is new events happen, currently support v1 mainnet graph
New Frontiers
Working but buggy
Kim Bui
  • Build with Nodejs, I am waiting on twitter to approve my app so I can start running the bot as erasurebot, but anyone can take the code and set up filter for what event they want to tweet
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Muhammet Pehlivan · posted almost 3 years ago

good job !!

Kim Bui
· posted over 4 years ago

Sorry, I thought you asked about the sdk, yes, the code is open source and you can clone and obtain the api keys from twitter to run it yourself

Kim Bui
· posted over 4 years ago

Yes, please install and test it out The ErasureClient works for most core functionalities, ErasureGraph works for v2, I'm actively updating v1 and adding unit tests to catch bugs on ErasureClient

Katerina Kondratenko · posted over 4 years ago

Is it possinle to test it?

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