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Erasure is a smart contract protocol that brings simple web3 primitives to any website on the internet. The initial primitives available on Erasure are Recourse, Track-Record, and Payments. These primitives could help customers to create interesting business logic.

However, blockchain solutions usually has a barrier to implementation. They requieres specific plugins (like Metamask) to be installed on client side, their libraries are heavy weighted, etc. As result it’s usually difficult and expersive to integrate them with existing services.


Erascan is created as supplimentary tool (like Etherscan) to help developers for development. It speeds up development, provide comprehesive tools for testing logic and could be use partly as third party service to show list of proofs, creating feed etc.

The last statement is exptremly significant, cause many IT businesses use lean product methodology and Erascan could drastically reduce costs for hypothesis testing.

Erascan has three main areas:

Track-Record Track-Record is about proving historical quality. It’s the public track record of the past. Prospective counterparties can evaluate the credibility of your claims and decide if they trust you by looking at your history. It’s your personal brand, it’s your credit score, it’s your Twitter feed. This is where blockchains shine. It only makes sense for this track record to be permanent and immutable.

With Erascan your could check latest feeds, explore them and use search by feed id, creator / operator hashes. You could also create Feed and add hashes manually using the tool.

Recourse Recourse is the final piece of the puzzle. It’s the court system that performs arbitration over breach of contract. It’s the Uber rating system. It’s a coordination mechanism fundamentally hardwired in each of us. It’s also something that can be programmed in a smart contract. This is where Erasure shines.

Faucet With faucet you could get NMR tokens for testing your application. Currently, you could get 10 NMR each 24 hours.

Technical stack

Client: React, redux, web3.js, IPFS, Graph (, GraphQL Backend: Golang, go-cache, go-ethereum, gin-gonic

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Mikhail Lazarev
· posted 7 months ago

Hello Roman! Thank you for your question, it could be useful for u, lets discuss on next week, ok?

Roman Kaufman-Mikhalev · posted 7 months ago

Hi, Mikael! As you know, I'm working on service for e-warranites checks, could I use this technology for proofing sales date?

Yakov Zaytsev · posted 7 months ago

Indispensable tool for developers like me who are not familiar with blockchain and are looking how to integrate this new technology.

Katerina Kondratenko · posted 7 months ago


Erasure + CoinList Hackathon

Nov 5 – Dec 18