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Azrael - New Freelance Platform

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A new permissioned blockchain with a payment platform based on Stellar. This app will make sure that you get paid for what you have worked for.
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Raj Sadaye, Manish Vishnoi, and Kaushal Mhalgi
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Now a days, Freelancing is totally based on trust of individuals. One has to pickup jobs and get paid only after finishing the work. There is no guarantee provided by platform or individual who assigned you work that you will properly get paid if that work is ever used.

Our platform solves common scams that freelancers face today : 1. Requests to send payment before being hired (pay to work). 2. Requests for account information 3. Personal information phishing through tax documents 4. Suspicious or unusual payment methods 5. “Test” projects and biggest of them all, 6. GHOSTING after claiming work.

There is no insurance from platform that you will get paid for sure, if your work is used.

Our platform is based on permissioned network, Hyperledger Fabric. That means identities are unique and can be registered on ledger with confidence.

Some major benefits of our new Freelancing platform :

  1. You will get paid for sure if your work is ever get used. (we made sure that if your commit is ever merged it will release funds to you)

  2. Employer will have to submit stellar tokens along with job posting, that will be stored by platform. (To make sure that the freelancer will get paid if you use their work. If not we will give back money to the employer.)

  3. Low network fees and instant transfer.

  4. No phishing of tax related documents or bank account details.(because we don’t need one !!)

Other than that this product is easily scalable and fully trustable on payment.

Platforms income is not from transactions but from staking the tokens that are on hold.

For demo purpose, we are just checking whether the opened issue has a given commit or not. Later on we can check specific user who submitted the commit and release funds only if it is merged. We can also add pull request to release funds for larger products.

You can use some of the below given issues and respective commits to check working.

  1., c1fcf79ac86449efc57f7aec4b2e44aa04e87e66

  2. , ed2799bd2a3d69cd85177256603f26de40d327f1

  3., 228c46d6d196b9549bbf3fbef9e25bcbdae65cde

You can try any of the issues which has referenced commits in it.

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