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Send or receive ETH using your Google/Gsuite email
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Viraj Anchan

Send or receive ETH using your Google/Gsuite email. User can login with their Google/Gsuite email and they will get an ether wallet created by default using torus (no requirement of metamask). They can then send ETH to another Google/Gsuite email using their email id. Whenever the receiver logs in using gmail (either first time or repeat login), then they will get to know that they received the ETH from the sender.

Adoption: Initially launched the app using Rinkeby test network and got a few users to test the app. Based on their feedback, improved the app and then deployed it again to use mainnet. Users liked the fact that they can send or receive ETH using their gmail account easily.

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hasan hüseyin pehlivan · posted almost 3 years ago

ı like it

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