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Mobile web browser that helps you support creators directly without ads or tracking and protects your privacy. Powered by Coil and Interledger open protocol.
Things that Radically Simplify the User Experiences
Ready for launch
Yuriy Dybskiy
Distributed Systems
Web Development


  1. The ad-driven business model turned the web into a vicious, snooping, clickbait-driven distraction machine.
  2. We need an alternative to a bunch of fractured pay walls and subscriptions.


  1. Privacy-focused web browser that allows you to directly pay for content.
  2. Better way to monetize for content creators.
  3. Premium, private, and distraction-free browsing experience for people.

We’re using Interledger Protocol and Coil to sent payments for content directly from the browser. The standard Coil and us are promoting is Web Monetization and we hope other browsers start supporting it as well.

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