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Rebalance is the easiest way into the world of decentralized finance. Access the most popular services through an intuitive dashboard, save time and cost with our one-click rebalancing tool.
Things that Radically Simplify the User Experiences
Ready for launch
Jon Ramvi, Martin Knutli, and Stein Bjørnstad
Front-End Development
Smart Contracts
Web Development
  • Easy access to interest-bearing assets, geared investments or even automated asset management strategies
  • Save fees, time and hassle with one-click rebalancing
  • No tech jargon. Only focus on benefits and results

To test our solution, go to and click “Get started”

Check out the README for more information including information relevant to the hackathon and adoption:

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hasan hüseyin pehlivan · posted almost 3 years ago

ı like it

IDEO + CoinList Hackathon

$25,000+ in prizes
Aug 5 – Sep 22