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Bring in non-crypto users to your dapp in less than a minute without any of the usual complexities of Web3 [Think Intercom For Wallets]
Things that Radically Simplify the User Experiences
Working but buggy
Gustav RB F, Mikhail Dobrokhvalov, Artiom Ignatyev, and Amir Jumaniyazov
Back-End Development
Smart Contracts
Web Development

Starting with the launch of our team has a long history of working on the problem of onboarding new users to digital assets. Specifically we’ve focused on getting users outside the regular crypto niche to try out dapps via clicking a “Linkdrop” - a claimable digital asset encoded into shareable links / QR codes.

We learned that we so far only solved one part of the onboarding problem for our customers: getting crypto to try out a dapp. Our findings show that installing separate software (Chrome extension or download a mobile app) to try a dapp is too much to ask mainstream users for. Conversions are simply too low.

That’s why we for the scope of the IDEO x CoinList hackathon decided to solve this problem by building a white-label wallet widget (think Intercom, but for crypto wallet), which any dapp can easily customize and integrate natively. We believe in combination with linkdrop campaigns the webwallet will provide dapps the powerful tooling to attract and retain non-crypto users.

Wallet features - White-label: configure and integrate in minutes via widget/SDK
- Custom design and ENS domain
- Based on Meta Txs for the best UX: gasless transactions, built-in modules and more
- Google Drive for non-custodial recovery
- ENS Login for dapps interoperability. Among other wallet teams (including Authereum, Portis, Torus) we’re working on the new ENSlogin standard
- Build-in on-ramping - Native linkdrops (WIP, has good potential for p2p onboarding via shareable links and p2p double referral programs similar to Paypal, Uber, etc.)

Linkdrop + web-wallet = magical crypto onboarding
1. Open the link in regular browser
2. Sign in with google/icloud
3. Get tokens in one click

You’ve got crypto wallet, ENS to login to dapps and crypto to use the dapp in 3 clicks!!!

Adoptathon Update

For the first week of the Adoptathon our team initially user-tested the widget with crypto and non-crypto friends in person. On Friday (09/13/2019) our team attended the DeFi meetup in Saint-Petersburg, where we user-tested our widget with ~20 users in person. We have received in general good response, people understood the value of our product straight away.

The interviews uncovered some UX friction with Google Drive backup process, leading us to make changes to our app and split the signup and adding Google Drive permissions in two separate screens.

During the second week we: - Introduced the changes and polished the widget. - Added a landing page for the widget - - Published the blog post - - Shared it on socials: Twitter, Reddit, Telegram Groups - PM’d about 30 dapp developers in the community to get early feedback on the widget

This gave us lot’s of insights into dapp developer needs and good feedback for the direction of the widget. We started a survey to confirm our finding and continue collecting responses -

Finally and the most important, we had a call with our first integrating partner and closed the deal: Snark.Art is going to integrate our widget in the next project launching in October.


Medium blog post: 147 views, 84 reads, 11 fans Requests to try the demo collected on the landing page: 11 Users tried the demo: 45 Potential integrations: 5 (,,,, 1 confirmed integration starting from mid-October = Snark.Art

Collected feedback and identified issues

Some users had issues with Google Sign-In on Safari. The short-term fix was to require users to clear browser cache. However, we will keep searching for a stable solution to this problem.

All users that tried the demo had Google account. However, not all of them were logged in on their testing device. This created a minor issue, but almost all of the users were able to log in with Google during our tests.

Access to Google Drive permission is still scary for users and needs more tuning. We will continue iterating on the flow.

One user suggested looking into the new Apple Sign-In API instead of Google Drive, as he said he would be more comfortable with storing his private key that way. We plan to look into that to see if we can suggest Apple users Apple Sign-In as the Google Sign-In replacement.

Not all UI elements were clear to users initially, we’re going to work on it further.

Next steps

We will continue iterating on the sign-up process to make it as frictionless as possible. We plan to:

  • Add an alternative with email+password combination
  • Look into new Apple Sign-In API for Apple users
  • Change the description on the Google Drive permissions screen to make it clearer why we’re asking for the permission

For the next month, we’re going to focus on going from hackathon PoC to production-ready version, as in October we plan to release our first real integration with Snark.Art.

For the PoC we based our wallet contracts on the Universal Login SDK. However, for production release, we’re going to migrate to Gnosis Safe contracts as:

  • They’re audited and formally verified
  • They are based on a modular architecture, which is better in the long term
  • We’ve already worked on the linkdrop module for the Gnosis Safe. This will get built-in native linkdrops allowing p2p onboarding links and Paypal-like double referral programs.

In the meantime, we will continue iterating on the product, testing it with users and looking for new integrations.

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Serge Malle · posted almost 3 years ago

Incredible! very good job

hasan hüseyin pehlivan · posted almost 3 years ago

ı like it

Muhammet Pehlivan · posted almost 3 years ago

good job!!

jane man · posted almost 4 years ago


jane man · posted almost 4 years ago


jane man · posted almost 4 years ago

<a href=""></a>

jane man · posted almost 4 years ago

Olivia Cumber · posted almost 5 years ago

That's a breakthrough

Chris Same · posted almost 5 years ago

That's pretty cool. Like a burner wallet on mainnet for ETH Dapp devs..

Artiom Ignatyev
· posted almost 5 years ago

State channels coming soon to Wallet-Widget! We plan to integrate Connext v2 so users can send digital assets to each other almost instantly 1. 2.

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