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Ejara is an investment & saving mobile platform proposing cryptocurrencies and later tokenized assets uniquely tailored for the African market
Things that Bring Crypto to People
Working but buggy
Nelly CHATUE DIOP, Abdelaziz Thierry Njoya Pokam, and Baptiste Andrieux
Back-End Development
Front-End Development

Financial services in West Africa and Africa in general is difficult, expensive and lack security for most.
Particularly, even for those that have some cash around, finding sound investment options is a struggle. You only have the choice between holding cash (with either high inflation or major devaluation risk) or buy fixed assets (real estate).
However, the growing middle class (20% of population in 2018 and estimated to double in next 5 years) displays a strong urge to get access to a diversified portfolio of non-correlated assets hence EJARA.
We are building an investment and saving platform offering cryptoassets from your mobile.
We start here with some cryptocurrencies (BTC, XTZ) and plan to integrate tokenized assets (shares, real estate, bonds, etc) later.

During this hackathon, we designed a new UI, built the non custodial Tezos wallet and added the on-ramp fiat to local currency (CFA) with mobile money. CFA is the currency used by 14 French-speaking countries in West and Central Africa.
With Ejara, you can now store, buy (mobile money only), send and receive your tezzies.
We aim to become the leading investment platform in digital assets in Africa.

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Steve Ntepp · posted 8 months ago

Quit an helpful solution. Looking forward having access to it☺️

Lycel Carole Charlotte Milla · posted 8 months ago

Ce projet est révolutionnaire, j espère vivement que vous allez gagner et implémenter vos idées. Good luck

Junior Muna · posted 8 months ago

😍 ca devient de plus en plus excitant 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

Théodore Kengne · posted 9 months ago

awesome! Look forward to using it

Fred Dagang · posted 9 months ago

The most efficient solution

Fotso Maxime · posted 9 months ago

Very interesting project. The Interface is very superb. Keep Up @Nzinghaa Lab

Amaël BOGNE · posted 9 months ago

Ejara 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

TSAFACK Fradith · posted 9 months ago

Ejara c'est la bombe!!!!!!

Mikhael KAMDEM · posted 9 months ago


Davila Jr · posted 9 months ago

Truc de ouf.. I stay tuned

Simon Gouvert · posted 9 months ago

Very promising !! Nice interface and good way to access the crypto

Sms Envoi · posted 9 months ago

KING SPARK is there now

Napster Paul · posted 9 months ago

Love ur user interfaces

Napster Paul · posted 9 months ago

Keep it on

Napster Paul · posted 9 months ago

Very nice vision for africa

Fredy Manfouo · posted 9 months ago

Very interesting project. Good work and courageous

Fossi Varelle · posted 9 months ago

Je parle juste pour le crédit

Cyrille Teukam · posted 9 months ago


Sultan Sinclair · posted 9 months ago

Very interesting project for future of Blockchain in Africa

Kouokam Paulin · posted 9 months ago

Let's keep on creating the future ❤❤ amazing project

Belva Fotsing · posted 9 months ago

J'ai hâte de l'essayer🤗🤗🤗

kevin obam · posted 9 months ago

Super applications j avais besoin d une solution comme celle. Enfin je vais pouvoir investir dans la crypto. Merci et bravo

Theo Tetcha · posted 9 months ago

Projet très intéressant

Menap Bernice · posted 9 months ago

Wow very interesting

BOT MFONDI Abdoul-karim · posted 9 months ago

Et très bonne appli..

BOT MFONDI Abdoul-karim · posted 9 months ago

Projet très intéressant et très porteur pour l'avenir...

NGUEDIA Bernis · posted 9 months ago

Great App. Can't wait to try it. We finally have a tailored solution for us.

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