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ForgingBlock - ForgingBlock Universal API

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On tezos hackathon I've been working on adding tezos support to the payment processing api
Things that Bring Crypto to People
Ready for launch
Eugene Gusev
Back-End Development

I finished with a coding part of my own hackathon

Check: and

Anyone who want to test it fast in the action could use: with alphanet (tezos) and for mainnet xtz (tezos)

To use full power of the api and use it as own payment processor should start from:

And if anyone needs a plugin for a popular e-commerce engine should check here:

Basically api allows to easy accept crypto-currencies for any e-commerce business. And now it is possible to pay with Tezos! Users and testers are welcome!

As example how libraries provided by tezos community (mainly conseiljs) is used this open-source repository is provided:

Press coverage: We where mentioned on TQuorum Berlin in presentation Blockchain Development for the Apathetic

ForgingBlock marketing website (its not part of hackathon, but still might useful):

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