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🐢 A Twitch extension that lets streamers deliver ERC721 tokens directly on Twitch.
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Gabe Ibarra, Bradley Clarke, Jared Norby, Daniel Williams, and Michael Sueoka
Distributed Systems

🥚 Kame is a Twitch extension that allows streamers to mint ERC721 collectibles and send them to their viewers directly within Twitch! 🐢

Twitch streamers consistently need to find an edge when it comes to building loyalty and finding novelty on their streams. It’s a perfect case for ERC721 collectibles! 🐢 Kame allows streamers to mint Kora treasures and send them to their fans. Soon, we’ll allow streamers to sell the tokens to their fans using Twitch’s Bits currency, and we plan to unleash the full gamut of fancy auction tricks combined with the power of interactive gaming and Twitch chat. 🥚 Imagine: a streamer puts a Kora designed by fan on auction during a stream session. As the bits cheers get bigger, the high bid for the Kora climbs. At the end of the session, the fan who cheered with the most bits automatically receives the token! 🐢 In order to deliver and manage Kora in a timely fashion, we use a Quorum side chain for our base application, and a task specific oracle batches ownership updates back to Ethereum mainnet (much like how iTunes batch processes credit card transactions to avoid fees). 🥚 The extension itself makes use of our mainnet transaction engine, which also manages wallets for new users. In the near future, we plan to add key recovery so that experienced crypto users can take control of their keys. 🐢 Accessing the extension is currently tricky: it has not yet passed Twitch store review so Twitch accounts must be manually provisioned to view the app in test. We have a video of the send/receive loop and have made credentials to a “burner” Twitch account with the test enabled on the project readme in Github. 🥚 Extension installed on: 🐢 🐢🐢🐢

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Bradley Clarke
· posted 9 months ago

KAME.GG is pleased to announce that the Extension has been approved and is now live in the Twitch app store! Check out our listing and install it on your Twitch channel here: With this approval, we're also releasing our web app, which allows streamers to mint tokens and send to their viewers! Once you've installed Kame, visit to browse your collection and mint.

Jordan Butler · posted 9 months ago

Sounds exciting. Look forward to hearing more.

Ryan Siemens · posted 9 months ago

Excited to give this a try!

Viga Mortensen · posted 9 months ago

This is epic, can't wait to use with my community

Bradley Clarke
· posted 10 months ago

Traction story at Initial demo was streamed live - unedited video archive is here. Edited demo coming soon. (Bradley, token sender) (Gabe, token recipient)

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