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App that pay users in crypto to do online tasks paid by businesses.
Things that Bring People into Crypto
Ready for launch
Edmilson Rodrigues, Emeson Pereira, Ailson da Cruz Tavares, and Lucas Zacarias
Back-End Development
Front-End Development

People can earn dollars (stablecoin) or their favorite crypto to perform tasks such as watching a video, sharing their contact information, answering a survey or giving feedback on a product. For businesses, it is a way to engage directly with their clients and only to pay for results.

We are the only rewards app that allow business and users to pay or receive in both crypto and/or fiat. We are building for a future when the Early Majority already joined cryptocurrencies and everyone loves crypto. For us, Lovecrypto is a way to create a world of shared prosperity while protecting people´s privacy through Oasis´ Blockchain.

You can download the Lovecrypto App in the Play Store:

This is our Adoptathon traction report:

This is our pitch deck:

We intend to develop the project after the hackaton and we are raising an angel round to do so. $50k at a $1MM post money valuation. If we win the hackaton we want to spend January 2020 in San Francisco working with Ideo’s, Coinlist’s and Oasis’ teams.

A very good use case for our product is to be the tool to collect people’s medical data, that will be anonymized through Oasis’ Blockchain and made available for researchers to discover new drugs and treatments. This possibility was described in Oasis’ non technical primer, and made us very excited to work with them.

You can download the Lovecrypto App in the Play Store:

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hasan hüseyin pehlivan · posted almost 3 years ago

ı like it

Emmanuel Barreto de Carvalho · posted almost 5 years ago

Acredito que é uma nova abordagem do relacionamento do varejo com usuário, ideia inovadora, parabéns! Vamos participar sem dúvidas!

Xochitl Cazador · posted almost 5 years ago

Solving financial inclusion in emerging markets starts with providing people with an opportunity to earn -- I love LoveCrypto!

Lais Sousa · posted almost 5 years ago

Amazing project!!

IDEO + CoinList Hackathon

$25,000+ in prizes
Aug 5 – Sep 22