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Users United helps individuals organize decentralized, verified boycotts of apps and services that have lost the faith of their users. It's like a labor union, but for the internet.
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Casey Falvey and Swain Hwang
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Why should users have to #DeleteFacebook to protest Facebook’s bad behavior? We wanted to build a decentralized tool for users to protest the centralized companies they use on the internet without having to go nuclear, and delete their account. Looking to models from organized labor, we created a tool for organized, decentralized boycotts for users to effectively leverage their power (their data) over the services they use. Our first boycott, against Facebook, quantifies the value of every day, every minute, every second of the boycott on Facebook.

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Mark Pereira · posted almost 5 years ago

I love this quote "The opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy." - Sun Tzu. We're using React Native which Facebook created to create an application to combat Facebook

Swain Hwang
· posted almost 5 years ago

nice! I'm in!

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