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Leveraging the blockchain, Scintillating is creating Delphus: a tool that makes scientific research verifiable and data tracing effortless.
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Kevin Liu, Kunal Sharda, and William Hemond
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Delphus is an open science system that dramatically increases data integrity, auditability, and patient consent management in scientific research studies. Data dredging undermines the usefulness of scientific research; clinical scandals like the $3B fine of GlaxoSmithKline due to misreporting of trial data have demonstrated real-world consequences that often cause huge damage to the research ecosystem by lowering clinical trust and participation. Furthermore, current systems are overly complex; our project aims to simplify data management and regulatory compliance by use of a blockchain-based backend. Delphus aims to create a decentralized research study management system that tracks end-to-end data provenance and proves that collected data has not been tampered with by providing a public, replicated audit log for data uploads, individual patient consents, and study administrative actions. Furthermore, by hosting scientific data on IPFS, with end-to-end encryption to protect personally-identifiable information, Delphus provides a secure and efficient way for scientists to share research datasets and build off of prior work. Find out more about what we did at

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