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Share your thoughts as you want with no censorship from social networks!
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Mikhail Lazarev
Front-End Development

Every day thousand of facebook validators check your messages and decide which things you could share and which are not. We are against censorship in internet.

Snowden is a google chrome extension which encode your posts into smiles and grant access to all your friends (Thanks to Nucypher technology). Nobody except them could read and understand what you want to share in your news feed.

Your privacy in your hands!

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LIJUN ZHANG · posted 10 months ago

I like this idea

Svetlana Bunkova · posted 10 months ago

Супер идея!!!

Frank Li · posted 10 months ago

I like this idea

linus wan · posted 10 months ago

Good idea

D S · posted 10 months ago

Good luck to your project!

alex os · posted 10 months ago

Ideal project!

Zurina Sonia · posted 10 months ago

WOW! It's really cool!

Pavel Shnurov · posted 10 months ago

Лайк! Супер!

Sabina Sabina · posted 10 months ago

Впечатляет! Идем дальше!

Kristina Sokolova · posted 10 months ago

Удачи. Проект супер)

Alexey Miroshnichenko · posted 10 months ago

Отличная мысль! Пробуйте - это интересно!

Dmitry Zimin · posted 10 months ago

Хорошая идея, удачи в реализации проекта.

ilya chernov · posted 10 months ago


Maria Marts · posted 10 months ago


Mikhail Lazarev
· posted 10 months ago

Thanks guys!

Daniel Babich · posted 10 months ago

Looks like a great idea! Useful, fare and easy to catch. It has value, this is obvious.

Sergey Yadrov · posted 10 months ago

While IT gigants earses language borders, little companies creates new borders, to guard information from big brother's eyes :) That's cool!

Mikhail Lazarev
· posted 10 months ago

Thanks guys, your're the best!

Salavat Abdullin · posted 10 months ago

Very interesting project!

Anatoly Weinstein · posted 10 months ago

Very interesting project. Highly recommend

Mikhail Lazarev
· posted 10 months ago

Thanks for your votes. When I asked my friends to vote for this solution they asked me - what does it do? I decided to write an article to describe how it works:

Ksenia Avetisova · posted 10 months ago

Good! Nice to know that you're in blockchain industry

Tatiana Maximenko · posted 10 months ago

Hi Mikhail! Good job!

Van Viet Bach · posted 11 months ago


Alfred Solo · posted 11 months ago


Euegne Koinov · posted 11 months ago

Wow, it is looking really good, applied cryptography in action! Admire the name as well!

Mikhail Lazarev
· posted 11 months ago

Thanks for warm words Ivan! The idea of this project came for my mind when I was in Munich this March. There was a huge meeting against censorship - people votes for their ability to share their thoughts without any censorship. I share these thoughts and believe that it could be an interesting market. From technical perspective, I use Chrome Native Messaging protocol to connect extension and native app. NuCypher works as daemon - it encrypts and decrypts files and manages readers also. To make chrome native messaging app development more convenient I developed a Flask-style framework. NuCypher adds a new security layer for users posts, in other words - only you could decide who could read your private messages. End-to-end encryption becomes an industry standard in messengers, my goal is to use it for social networks!

Ivan Fedorov · posted 11 months ago

Hello! It's amazing solution, i guess it will be usefull for many facebook users. Which technology is used in your project to run NuCypher? And can we run solution in another browsers (safari/firefox) in the future?

Mikhail Lazarev
· posted 11 months ago

Hello Irina! Thank your for your question. For this moment I've tested my extension with Facebook network. It automatically detects encrypted post and show them in popup window. It should work on other sites also (who uses <p> tag in DOM for posts), but I haven't tested it yet. Have a nice day! Mikhail

Irina Svetlitskaya · posted 11 months ago

Hi, is it designed for Facebook only? Or I could use it for different sites also?

Mikhail Lazarev
· posted 11 months ago

Very valuable organisation:

Mikhail Lazarev
· posted 11 months ago

Snowden is in trend:

Mikhail Lazarev
· posted 11 months ago

Thanks for interested, more information you could find on official site:

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