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Interconnected crypto wallet running on proxy re-encryption network NuCypher. Second stage = token privacy protection by Ring Signatures.
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Proposal for an interconnected crypto wallet running on proxy re-encryption network NuCypher (NubutuCypherWallet)

The problem: Currently, there exists a vast variety of different wallets with different keys and different addresses. Crypto users will typically use a different wallet/address for each different crypto asset like BTC, ETH, XLM, etc. This can force investors to maintain an unnecessarily high number of different wallets and addresses for each project they have invested in.

The solution: Building a decentralized crypto wallet that allows users to store all the major crypto assets in a single crypto wallet by sending the coins/tokens to a single address (stage I). In the second stage, users will be able to store and trade/swap all the major crypto assets from within this wallet. The third stage will feature token privacy protection by means of applying Ring Signatures.

NuCypher will be used as the native proxy re-encryption network of the ecosystem to support privaxy. It will be further used to be the centerpiece of the cross-chain wallet that enables the trustless mechanism for cross chain swaps/trading. Inter- as well as intra-chain transactions consume specified amounts of NuCypher, which is used as security deposit for cross-chain transactions.

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Van Viet Bach · posted over 5 years ago


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