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NuWallet creates a Venmo moment by replacing a public key with a mobile number in order to send/receive crypto. Our scheme is generalised to allow _any_ cryptocurrency to be used with _any_ identifier
Nowhere near launch
Alexander Mazaletskiy, Dmitriy Serdtsev, Ilgiz Gimaltdinov, Alexander Kozlovski, and Ivan Lavrentev
Back-End Development
Distributed Systems

We introduce a NuCypher-based cryptographic scheme that allows users to use their friends’ phone number instead of Ethereum public keys to send crypto. - Convenient and familiar UX: no cognitive burden on users - User privacy and self-sovereignty: user controls who can know her Ethereum address. User can only receive payments from pre-approved parties, however their number is uncapped. - Generalised and scalable: can be used across many identifiers and any cryptocurrencies any other identifier, e.g. email ID, Whatsapp ID, Telegram ID, Signal ID, WeChat ID, etc. This scheme can be extended to include any cryptocurrency.

Target client base (lib): - Wallets and dApp browsers (Trust wallet, Balance, imToken etc) - Exchanges (Binance, Coinbase, Kraken etc) - dApps (OpenSea, CryptoKitties, Decentraland etc).

How it works: - Register - Select who from your friend you want to be able to interact with your ethereum address - Send ETH/ERC-20 to your friend using only their mobile phone!

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Maria Osadcha · posted over 5 years ago


Sidzu Sidzu · posted over 5 years ago

Hey Tatiana!

Tatiana Maximenko · posted over 5 years ago


Van Viet Bach · posted over 5 years ago


Sidzu Sidzu · posted over 5 years ago

Irina, thanks for the question - it's not published yet

Irina Svetlitskaya · posted over 5 years ago

I could not find the app? Have you published it in App store? How to check your wallet?

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