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Decentralized secure crowdfunding media platform
Working but buggy
Ivan Noskov
Back-End Development
Front-End Development

“NuMedia” - is a decentralized secure crowdfunding media platform, which works with NuCypher technology and Ethereum blockchain.

For example, famous writer wanna run crowdfunding campaign for his new book. He can load demo data and encrypt it with NuCypher. After that he activate his campaign and deploy smart contract with all information into public ethereum blockchain. All transactions we can see on Etherscan. After that everyone can see all neccessary information about his book, everyone can support it and watch demo data, which he secure shares with NuCypher technology.

How does crowdfunding process work? SmartContract sales exclusive tokens, which everyone can by for ethereum coins. When somebody decide to support my product, he will send some amount of ethereum to the smartcontract and get this tokens. Crowdfunding campaign is successfull when more, than 50 percent tokens are saled. In this case all reward transfer to my account from smartcontract. In another case, all balance of smartcontract returns to owners of exclusive tokens. It means, that everyone, who supported my project can delegate their ownership to another person and in this case blockchain with nucypher technology give us a guarantee that they will not have access to my release product. Advantages: - This is a safe method of interaction between the organizers and participants of the crowdfunding platform. - Сrowdfunding member can track the seller’s progress in the development of a product and delegate his ownership to another person - SmartContract gives money back guarantee to participants in case of campaign failure.

During this hackathon I’ve considered the project logic, implemented a first version of smart contract, integrated it with NuCypher technology and designed interface. For run this project in production I also need upgrade smartcontract functions, upgrade interface and test this system. It requires approximately 2 or 3 months.

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Przemyslaw Michniewicz · posted over 3 years ago


Ivan Noskov
· posted over 5 years ago

Vladimir, yes. You need metamask extension and some ethereum for transaction (gas)

Vladimir Kobzev · posted over 5 years ago

Is it working app?

Elena Rozina · posted over 5 years ago


Alexandra Sivtsova · posted over 5 years ago

super 💯💯💯👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Anna Shabalina · posted over 5 years ago


Ekaterina Volkova · posted over 5 years ago

Perfect solution!

Aleksandr Axuzoxa · posted over 5 years ago

That's dope. I r8 it 8/8

Van Viet Bach · posted over 5 years ago


Ivan Noskov
· posted over 5 years ago

Ivan, can you give more infromation about errors/bugs/warnings? I've checked now all functionality and it works correctly. Notice: maybe you haven't got metamask browser extension or you haven't got enoughth gas to create transactions in rinkeby testnet.

Ivan Kolesnikov · posted over 5 years ago

It doesn't work on my laptop. Can you fix it?

Ivan Noskov
· posted over 5 years ago

Irina, thank you for your question! Yes, of course)

Иван Крицкий · posted over 5 years ago


Irina Svetlitskaya · posted over 5 years ago

Is it designed here?

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