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Decentralized Finance Management

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financial portfolio application that can be integrated with multiple CEX/DEX exchanges and funds will be synced. This will be diversified global portfolio for individual or a business.
Nowhere near launch
Yogesh Trivedi
Distributed Systems
Web Development

User will be able to check their portfolio in single instance where this app will have ability to display and filter all or based on selection. This app will also have a wallet inbuilt where user can keep their digital assets and that will be automatically synced to the financial portfolio. Also I am intendant to provide hardware wallet device integration so they can easily move their funds offline for safety.

This financial portfolio will display the holding in increasing and decreasing mode based on the trade or live price variation. User will be able to see the transaction history in form of reports.

Transaction history report Trade History Report Profit and Loss Report Financial Investment Report Main functionality will be as follows: • Optimized Diversified Portfolio • Analytics of investment • Automatic Rebalancing • Business intelligence reporting

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Naksh Trivedi · posted over 5 years ago

I like this project, managing whole portfolio in decentralized way is simply awesome.

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