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Stridon brings together journalists who want to publish articles and readers who want to read them. Think decentralized Medium.
Working but buggy
Kelvin Lockwood, Joseph O'Sullivan, and Sagar Kishore
Back-End Development
Web Development

Alison is a journalist and likes Stridon’s vision for a more equitable journalism model so she joins Stridon’s news service. Stridon can distribute news articles that Alison publishes in encrypted form. Alison wants her news articles to reach users (readers) of Stridon… by joining the Stridon service Alison has created a policy public key (thanks to NuCypher!) so Stridon users (readers) can have access to her encrypted news articles.

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Kelvin Lockwood
· posted over 1 year ago

Thanks Liz, I'm not a registered user of Steemit but in terms of their crypto-economics what I see is the common problem where they have a few winners (people earning from their publishing efforts) and a long tail of losers, much like YouTube. The Stridon vision is to make it genuinely pay to do journalism, I think this needs reader subscription / membership revenue continuously flowing into our ecosystem.

Liz Willingham · posted over 1 year ago

I'd love to see a more equitable version of Medium, journalism needs this! How do you think you can win over Steemit?

Kelvin Lockwood
· posted over 1 year ago

Thanks for the question Qasim, no easy answers here! I think Arweave have the most interesting / thoughtful persistence solution for news articles, and their protocol will give node operators the freedom to take down content as and when they deem necessary. However, in our case that content is encrypted (the node operator can’t decipher it) so I think we should involve the clients at either end; where the content is produced by the writer and where it is consumed by the reader. This obviously needs more thought so would love to hear more suggestions on this.

Qasim Qureshi · posted over 1 year ago

Really like this idea, it has potential! Do you have any thoughts on taking down harmful content?

Kelvin Lockwood
· posted over 1 year ago

Groundhog is also working on subscription payments...

Kelvin Lockwood
· posted over 1 year ago

Thanks for the question Alexander. Yes thats the idea, every time an article is ready to publish the writer chooses to distribute to the entire audience or just to paid members. The paid memberships mean we'll have reader revenue flowing directly to writers. In terms of powering payments, Monoplasma by Streamr is the most elegant solution I've come across to date… Monoplasma's current implementation splits revenues equally and we'd prefer to have something that considers "time spent", as per the Brave Browser.

Alexander Klus · posted over 1 year ago

Awesome project! What are you guys thinking about monetization? A paywall for premium content might be nice, or a monthly subscription model that Medium has maybe?

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