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I introduce the NuCypher Google Chrome extension - which helps sharing your datafiles in a safe way using NuCypher technology.
Ready for launch
Ivan Fedorov
Back-End Development
Front-End Development

Opportunities of my project: - start NuCypher network connection with chrome extension - requests to Alice - get Alice鈥檚 grants for data access - logging information with native messaging protocol - simple dashboard which can show information about user and real-time chart with known nodes

So, you can store and share you data in a safe way with this browser extension thanks to NuCypher technology and Native Messaging protocol. More information you can find in my GitHub.

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mai xuan truong · posted over 3 years ago


amber btc · posted about 5 years ago


Elena Gorchakova · posted over 5 years ago

Good luck!

Rohit Giri · posted over 5 years ago

NuCypher doing great job , main focus on delivering project.

Anna Shabalina · posted over 5 years ago


Ekaterina Volkova · posted over 5 years ago

Good job! 馃憦馃徏

袣袨袧小孝袗袧孝袠袧 楔袩袨袪孝校袧 · posted over 5 years ago

袧袠 效袝 袧袝 袩袨袧携袥 袧袨 袨效袝袧鞋 袠袧孝袝袪袝小袧袨

Aleksandr Axuzoxa · posted over 5 years ago

Awesome! That's very useful

Van Viet Bach · posted over 5 years ago


Koala Koalovich · posted over 5 years ago


Ivan Fedorov
· posted over 5 years ago

Thank you!

John Carpentra · posted over 5 years ago

Really great job guys, continue the good work.

Satoshi Nakamoto · posted over 5 years ago

Whow, guys, great job!

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