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Implementing a Harberger Tax on the ownership of a data feed.
Working but buggy
John Grant

Inspired by Simon de la Rouvieres This Artwork Is Always On Sale where he implements a Harberger Tax on the ownership of a digital artwork. In my app, instead of an Artwork, access to a feed of data is always for sale. NuCypher is used to encrypt the data and only the current Patron can decrypt (using NuCypher) to get access. Anyone can buy this access from the current Patron for the sale price set when they took ownership. Whilst they hold ownership they pay a 5% fee to the feed owner. In this demo app the data is a Twitter like feed but the concept could be extended to have more than one Patron and could also be used for other kinds of feed data such as sensor data, camera/video feeds, music, etc.

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John Grant
· posted over 5 years ago

Thanks Robbie! I was a bit gutted I couldn't get it hosted to see how people interacted with it but it's a fun concept.

Robbie Bent · posted over 5 years ago

Very creative application of Nucypher!

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