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Decentralized tickets sale system
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Mikhail Lazarev
Distributed Systems
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User story:
1. Julia as a professional event organiser posted an event to system Graph Tickets about her Jazz concert, setting up location, date, price and quantity of tickets.
2. John entered the site, chooses his location and found interesting events around him with additional information.
3. John decided to buy a ticket. He simply press "Buy a ticket", pay in Ethereum and his address appears in participants list
4. At the entrance Julia colleagues used IoT devices connected to The Graph API. This devices simply gets list of participant using one GraphQL request.
5. John scanned QR-code by app, create a digital signature in his app and approve that his ethereum address is in the list and go to the concert.

The Graph API provides great opportunity to integrate decentralized systems with IoT devices and as result create new business models.

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Peter Rybin · posted about 1 year ago

Sounds interesting!

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