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Scalable bounty index to support and grow OpenSource. It can improve current Gitcoin features while enabling the creation of derivative products such as decentralized hiring/talent registry mechanisms
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Santiago Gonzalez Toral and Oscar Malgiaritta
Smart Contracts
Web Development

Gitcoin has become one of the best dApps on Ethereum by enabling a double-sided market that connects project/funders with coders. Powered by the BountiesNetwork smart contract, it has already become one of the main sources for sustaining blockchain development and Open Source in general and still has pretty ambitious goals to enable/provide further decentralized products such as hiring mechanisms in the era of the gig economy. Nevertheless, the platform still requires of centralized data storage infrastructure with tedious off-chain data indexing processes that difficult the system maintenance and introduces some bugs to their UI. Thanks to The Graph Protocol, now it is possible to provide scalable queries for a decentralized future that not only allows improving the current Gitcoin products and services but also enables the creation of new ones, such as a support for talent registry mechanisms (TCRs) for blockchain developers in the XPO Network

This Proof-of-Concept aims to demonstrate how easy and scalable bounty data can be indexed in comparison custom backend solution. The subgraph includes indexed bounty data from the Bounties Network smart contract deployed on the Ethereum mainnet and IPFS, as well as from the Kudos product. Among the main features that can be exploited through the graph we have:

- Up-to-date Bounties leaderboard: current leaderboard ( is generated through scripts running via scheduled cron jobs and does not allow you to query positions below top-20 rank. GraphQL is better than RESt: Now, it is easier to find proficient and experienced coders for your project.
- No more UI bugs on aggregated data: current Gitcoiners directory ( sometimes presents repeated users on its list. Our subgraph aggregates user’s contributions on real-time and does not require to maintain custom python scripts
- Tracking kudos revenue: now it is easy to track kudos revenue for both the service provider and the artists.

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