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Evaluating historical data for funds, assets and investors on the Melon network.
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Sebastian Siemssen and Ivan Herger
Back-End Development
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Smart Contracts
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The Melon Protocol is a decentralized, public, permissionless, robust infrastructure for the secure management of crypographic token assets on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a viable, low-cost alternative to the current fund management ecosystem.

The Melon protocol consists of a a large number of smart contracts, which can be divided into two layers: the first layer contains all the funds, their managers, and investors. The second layer consists of infrastructure-level contracts, managed by the Melon governance system, and it is critical to maintaining a healthy ecosystem for funds.

The Melon monitoring tool aims to give fund managers and investors all the information they need to make decisions.

The current version of the Melon monitoring tool is available at, and it displays the current state of the network.

The next version of the Melon monitoring tool contains historic data for the overall network, individual funds, assets and investors. The Graph enables us to extract all relevant data points (currently more than 12'000 entities) and to evaluate the data.

The Melon protocol Hackathon submission is a rough sketch of how historical data will be used to display time series (e.g. of share prices), to calculate risk and return quantities (e.g. monthly returns, volatility) in a robust and auditable way.

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