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Subgraph to explore Bloom, a protocol to take control of your credit and identity
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Pierrick Turelier
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The purpose of my project is to aggregate data from the different contracts of the Bloom protocol by following the documentation available here:
In order to do so, I've used the events described in their documentation to create my subgraph. Some events don't return any data on the Ethereum main net so I've decided to keep them in the subgraph, in case there would be data in the future, but decided not to include those data in the subgraph explorer, the front-end used to display those data.
Also, the tokenEscrowMarketplaceChanged event being only a change of contract, I've decided to not include it in the explorer.
You can see the explorer at the following URL:
The graph is available here:
As for the Github repos, the subgraph one is here:
And the explorer repo is here:

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