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What is KYC/AML?

In order to invest through CoinList, you need to pass identity verification and KYC/AML (Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering) checks. These checks apply equally to U.S. and non-U.S. residents. In general, you will need to provide name, address, a selfie, and government-issued ID image. 

You can learn more about KYC/AML here.

Other Investors Questions

Why do you need my SSN?

Your SSN is required under our KYC/AML policy, a process set by our banking provider. We verify US investor's social security number and birthdate against credit records then verify the investment signatory against OFAC and similar databases to flag prohibited or high risk persons and entities.

Transferring your AngelList login to CoinList

CoinList is discontinuing support for AngelList logins on CoinList. All legacy AngelList login users were assigned a CoinList account that is associated with their AngelList email. This account contains all of the CoinList account history associated with your AngelList login.

What do I need to do?

To login to your CoinList account, simply click “forgot password” on the CoinListlog in page to generate a new password.

The new password will be unique to your CoinList account and will not impact your AngelList account.

In order to access wallets and trading on CoinList, you may be required to submit additional KYC documentation and set up two-factor (2FA) authentication for your CoinList account. 

Your AngelList 2FA will not carry over to your CoinList account. If you are experiencing issues with your 2FA, you may need to disable your 2FA and re-enable. You can find these settings under "Account" and "Security." If you continue to have issues, please submit a help request on our Help Center to have your 2FA reset. 

If you have already completed these steps, then no further action is required beyond resetting your CoinList password.

Is there a contact email?

All questions can be sent submitted through our help portal

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