A Decentralized Data Exchange Protocol to Unlock Data for AI
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The Ocean Protocol

Data is the most valuable digital resource on the planet but much of it remains unused and locked away. Ocean helps to unlock the data to drive AI. We build an ecosystem for the data economy with a tokenized service layer that securely exposes data, storage, compute, and algorithms for consumption.
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Previously raised over $24M from some of the best funds in crypto


Ocean has signed trial or collaboration agreements with a number of leading corporations

In 2016, the world produced 16 ZB of data, but only 1% was analyzed — this needs to change.


A lack of trust prevents data sharing

Centralized data exchanges fail because they lack transparency, adequate pricing mechanisms, and data providers lose control over their assets.
The RAND Corporation calculated that 500 billion to 1 trillion miles driven are needed to get AI models accurate enough for self-driving cars. Our collaborators at Toyota Research Institute believe it is prohibitively expensive for individual automakers to generate that much data. With Ocean Protocol, automakers can pool this data in a marketplace with market incentives.

AI advances six times faster when data is available

AI models cannot succeed without appropriate data. Ocean Protocol provides tools to unlock the remaining 99% of untapped data and make it available for AI models.
Together with and hospitals in Munich, Istanbul, and Singapore, Ocean Protocol provides ConnectedLife tools to share highly sensitive healthcare data while preserving data privacy and protection laws. In the case of Parkinson’s, diagnostic and personalized treatment models can be built from pooled patient data to help develop more effective treatments.

Only a handful of companies today have both Data and AI

AI start-ups and researchers have algorithms but lack data. The opposite is true for large corporations. By bringing together data and AI, Ocean Protocol will unlock a trillion-dollar data-sharing market.
ImageNet, an open dataset with over 10 million tagged images, has allowed AI researchers to train image classifiers with radical precision for numerous computer vision applications. Data Commons on Ocean Protocol will provide accessible data to everyone.


Nov 2017
Ocean Token seed distribution
Technical Primer
Marketplace Framework
Feb 2018
Technical Whitepaper
Business Whitepaper
Mar 2018
Ocean Token pre-launch distribution
Activating community
Consolidating and building up the team
Partnerships & collaborations: IBM Watson AI XPRIZE
Test Network
Q4 2018
Development and documentation of Ocean network components
Trilobite test network deployed
Building global community: 130+ events, 35+ advisors, 120+ ambassadors, 15+ bounties
Partnerships & collaborations: MOBI Grand Challenge, Fitchain
Network Launch
Q1 2019
Tethys network deployed
AI/Data/Community activated

Token Distribution

Ticker Symbol OCEAN
Price/Token $0.25
Token Type ERC20
Initial Circulating Supply 193,000,000
Available Tokens 32,000,000


We have over 35 advisors spanning the globe, with recognized expertise in AI, blockchain, big data, business and policy. Advisors were carefully selected based on an alignment of values towards unlocking data and AI for society.
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