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GUDecks Collectables Marketplace

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A 0x NFT marketplace to sell Gods Unchained Collectables. It includes historical pricing data for buyers to make informed purchases.
Ready for launch
David Bauschlicher and Steven Bauschlicher

GUDecks is a web app that supports the upcoming Gods Unchained game with deck building, card browsing, and (most relevant for this hackathon) a marketplace for buying/selling GU passes/cards/collectables. The portion of the site developed for this hackathon is the collectables marketplace. This is a place where users can buy and sell Gods Unchained Collectables (ERC721 tokens) that uses 0x under the hood. We try to make the more complicated parts of using 0x (such as wETH) easy for our users, who may be new to crypto. In the few weeks that the collectables marketplace has been live, it has already become the most active 0x NFT trading marketplace by volume.

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Hackathon: Bringing Decentralized Markets to the Masses
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