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Chain of Crusade

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Free-to-play collectable card game using Ethereum blockchain & trading mechanic based on 0x protocol for internal card exchange with ultimate cryptocurrency profit generation feature.
Ready for launch
Kirill Monyushko, Artem Frantsiian, and Oleksandr Soloviov

Collectible card games (CCG) - ideal category for tokenization & tokenomy. Digital active’s - cards can be realized by ERC721 (or most powerful ERC-1155 token - we have such projects with this standart), internal coins - by ERC20 or ERC 223. So we take 0x protocol for cards & coins exchange and made CCG at medieval dark fantasy setting. Enjoy! Now our alpha works like one hardcoded demo-battle with two races, smart-contrats for bying card-pack and first-look scetch design.

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Alex Sol · posted over 1 year ago

Good luck!

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