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Tokenary P2P Exchange

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Instantly trade your favorite NFTs and ERC20s with friends nearby.
Ready for launch
Vadim Koleoshkin, Ivan Grachev, and Igor Shmakov

Description: We give users the ability to easily exchange assets with friends or strangers nearby after negotiating in real life. 1) Users can trade illiquid assets like NFTs 2) Users can find deals on meetups, game conferences, and other offline activities 3) Private deals are not exposed to the public orderbooks, and there is no risk of frontrunning 4) Users get trustless way to trade without risk of fraud

How it works: After negotiating the terms of the trade, the first device creates a 0x order. The second device then signs the transaction to settle the order through 0x protocol. Tokenary app uses Web3Swift.io library to communicate with an Ethereum node and sign the transaction. We also use Apple Connectivity to search for the devices nearby.

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Julia Arty · posted over 1 year ago


Lena Mihalova · posted over 1 year ago


Viktoriia S · posted over 1 year ago

Cool 😎

Artyom Ignatyev · posted over 1 year ago

Great team behind the wallet and smooth product, huge potential

Juli Sa · posted over 1 year ago

Cool 😎

Jane L · posted over 1 year ago

I like it! 👍

Kate Nosova · posted over 1 year ago

It’s good

Dasha Maneeva · posted over 1 year ago


Vadim Koleoshkin
· posted over 1 year ago

We are launching the next week ;) P2P exchange will be supported on iOS only, and maybe on macOS in the nearest future. Once we make the Android client, there will be ways to make cross-platform device-to-device connections

Maria X · posted over 1 year ago

You'r ready for launch but i think it's not because what about cross-platform device-to-device connections? I thing so because  Apple Connectivity framework doesn't support connection (via BT for example) directly to Android, Win or phone on any other OS. Look at Firechat.

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