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Mobile native web3 experience - dapp operating system in your pocket.
Decentralized Finance
Nowhere near launch
Daniel Bar and Mark Pereira

To take adoption to the next level we propose a mobile "minidapp" wallet. Giving users seamless dapp experience and help developers streamline mobile development through API that arms their dapps with mobile features.

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Mark Pereira posted 2 days ago

@Victor Lovak our specific wallet infrastructure will allow React Native dapps to access our features only because of the SDK we will be providing. Not to say that you won't be able to grab the code from our repo and build out your own standalone app. The idea is to avoid apps having to deploy multiple wallets and just access one through a single wallet platform.

Mark Pereira posted 2 days ago

Thank you all for voting! This has been such a dream come true ❤️Plans are being set in motion to continue building out the app. We hope to get developers to contribute towards the app infrastructure and build dapps ontop of it as soon as possible. If you're interested please reach out! We're already having community calls and are at ETHDenver building out a cool concept app!

Ashton Zhou posted 3 days ago

Very good idea! It definitely worths the first place, I can't wait to use this wallet!

abdishakuur aidid posted 3 days ago

amazingg i liked it

Boris Ettinger posted 3 days ago

No doubt its a great idea

Boris Ettinger posted 3 days ago

It's really great' guys. Its time that things will go smoothly !

Victor Litovak posted 3 days ago

The actionable chat loaded with dapps is really good concept, could you implement the react native mobile dapps for every wallet or is it something that requires your specific wallet support ?

Daniel Bar posted 4 days ago

Thanks for the interest, Alon. It’d be great if you share more of the way you see the UX can improve. We’re actually now giving access to test flight if you’re interested. you’ll be able to meet Mark, he’s on his way to ETHDenver right now. His telegram handle is @markper

Alon Bar posted 5 days ago

A dapp operating system is exactly how the future of decentralization is gonna be. The user journey you showed is partial though, I’d be happy to get in touch with you guys if you’re coming to ETHDenver

Skye Martinez posted 5 days ago


Daniel Bar posted 5 days ago

Aelita, you’ve got it right, rich social interactions are key for mass adoption as we see it, the expericne of dapps eventually has to be en par with current applications level. Would be happy if you share more feedback :)

Aelita Skarzauskiene posted 5 days ago

The apps is oriented towards rich social interaction, speed in action and quick information based decision making, what is creating enefits for the customers

Mark Pereira posted 5 days ago

** Hey All, I will be attending ETHDenver for those who want to meet up and discuss more about the project! We're looking for more people to help join onto the project and help us push this forward! My telegram handle is @markper if you want to reach out 🙏

Mark Pereira posted 5 days ago

Thanks Paul 😅, the minidapps API / SDK will be an accumulation of utility functions we build into the platform. This will allow developers building their React Native apps to access many native features such as the Camera and Push Notifications and also give them access to 0x relayers, crypto related functions and prompts for users to sign messages or send transactions.

Paul Pounendis posted 5 days ago

i also think the UX is 100 on point with what’s required from a mobile wallet. Wonder if metamask mobile that’s coming out will also add mobile features. Could you share about your plans for minidapps API?

Daniel Bar posted 5 days ago

Thanks Paul 🙏🏼

Paul Pounendis posted 5 days ago

These guys have extensive experience building great UX/UI dApps in the past. I am sure this minidApp will be no exception!

Daniel Bar posted 5 days ago

Glad you liked Alice Sacre Stephane, it’s actualy Ethereum based, so if you’re into bitcoin perhaps the best would be to use wrapped BTC once it’s easily available and supported through more Ethereum based Dapps.

sacre stephane zogbo posted 5 days ago

Good initiative I would like to have more information about the currency coin because I have a particular interest on the bicoin.Thank you

Yankale Polka posted 6 days ago

This is neat, more attention to mobile is finally coming. Wonder if Apple allows secure element access. Could this be a concern otherwise?

Mark Pereira posted 6 days ago

Thanks Vincent, I really try to follow the form with function methods when designing. Hope it shows!

Vincent Martins posted 7 days ago

This team knows how to design really well, I hope this is how the future of crypto product experience is going to look like!

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