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An NFT based loyalty scheme with trading between users.
Working but buggy
John Grant

The Dapp is based on the idea of a loyalty scheme where merchants give a customer a ‘stamp’ when they make a purchase. In this case the stamps are NFTs that the user can ‘Squirrel’ away :shipit: 😃 until they have enough to claim a reward. For example a coffee shop owner might offer one free coffee after 5 have been purchased. In Token Squirrel the reward itself is an NFT and the reward claim process uses a 0x order to exchange the NFTs between the parties. To make this even more interesting the Dapp allows users to make requests for NFTs they want that other users can then make an exchange offer. The exchange of NFTs between the users also uses a 0x order and bundles of NFTs can be exchanged using MultiAssetData. The idea is that this trading options helps to generate liquidity and also enables natural price discovery.

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