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Introducing c0x: Chrome-0x-extension! Hassle free,Instant & One click solution to buy ERC20 token on your chrome browser.
Decentralized Finance
Working but buggy
Santosh A

c0x is a chrome extension integrated with metamask extension which providers web3 provider and takes care of your wallet aka #proofofkeys.
The extension is carefully designed and powered with 0x instant & radar relay for the orderbook.
During Onboarding you need to complete the steps and once done.
You can easily buy crypto in fewer clicks directly from your chrome browser.

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Santosh A
· posted 9 months ago

In the future updates: >The fee reduces as the number of txn increases. >Or Claiming a limited rare NFT tokens: Gold, Emerald and Wood to reduce the txn fee. >These NFT tokens will be tradable on NFT marketplace and are made very limited. >And Refer & Earn for lifetime. >Main focus would be to make Placing a sell order directly to RR/DEX from the extension.

Sachin Jain · posted 9 months ago

Awesomely done. Keep Buidling

Ertugrul Korkmazlar · posted 9 months ago

All the best!

Astha Singh · posted 9 months ago

Good luck! Fantastic work. ✌

Dileep R · posted 9 months ago

Works seamlessly! Thanks

kishankumar Patel · posted 9 months ago

all the best

Bhavesh C · posted 9 months ago

All the very best bro!!

Sanjib Saha · posted 9 months ago

All the best

Think Pad · posted 9 months ago

Good extension!

Madhura Devraj · posted 9 months ago

All the best 😁👍🏻

NIKHIL KARANDE · posted 9 months ago

Best luck

Aditya Sharma · posted 9 months ago

Simple to use and works ! #buidl

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