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A 0x relayer for volatility markets on Augur. Users can purchase share tokens in a contract market to speculate on/hedge against the price of the underlying asset at the contract’s expiration.
Decentralized Finance
Working but buggy
Michael Huang, Crypto Master, and anna rivera

Every derivatives contract is represented by an Augur prediction market with pre-defined terms that specify the underlying asset, the strike price, the expiration, and optionality. Users participate by taking long/short positions in the contract market. More information can be found here: https://github.com/michaelhly/vegarelay/wiki

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Michael Huang
· posted over 1 year ago

We didn't have a great designer on our team so we kind of just "borrowed" designs from Veil and Expo. Will be redoing UI/UX for the official VegaRelay.

Benjamin Cordes · posted over 1 year ago

looks great

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