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A system that puts users in control of their collateral when interacting with any smart contract. No more lost capital waiting for contracts to settle while your money is stuck in a sub optimal asset.
Decentralized Finance
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Nick Ward

Lost capital held as collateral on the blockchain is a very real problem that drastically decreases liquidity across the network, disincentivizes staking funds in any smart contract, and cripples the growth potential of the blockchain economy as a whole. This is a smart contract system that leverages the power of external keepers, price feeds, and the 0x exchange protocol to allow ANY smart contract to give their users the ability to free up the collateral that would normally be trapped until the contract settles. Handle your smart contract logic just as you normally would, except the funds are stored in the contract collateral manager instead of your own contract (your contract still has complete control of the logic by which funds are payed out). Users can overcollateralize their positions according to agreed upon risk parameters, then submit a 0x order for any ERC20 token and BAM! They can hold their collateral in any asset they choose and trade it as they please, provided it stays above the minimum required collateralization ratio. I believe this has huge implications for the viability of secured debt, payment channels, and decentralized finance in general. Would love to hear any feedback!

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