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LootHunt is a reward tool for airdrop marketing.
Working but buggy
David Tseng, Han Jian, Xavier Lupin, Justine Lu, and Lei Lu

“LootHunt” is a reward tool for airdrop marketing. Providers can offer a reward to anyone who meets the requirements. For users, it’s fun to collect NFTs and even unlock/discover other items. It is as amazing as treasure hunting!

( The process of creating the missions is still buggy. It’s so unfortunate that we need to shut it down at this moment, and it will soon be recovered after CNY vacation. We enjoyed this hackathon soooooo much but we really have to be with our family and stop using computer to get more red envelopes 🧧🧧🧧 🤣. Last, thanks for having us in this 0x community and having this great opportunity.)

Happy loot hunting!

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Jan 10 – Feb 7